(K1wrap3) - how?

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I’m new to this forum, so looking forward to hearing your great answers!!!

I’ve just embarked on some simple booties for my soon to arrive first bub…I’ve managed to work out most of the pattern except for the last two rows - how annoying is that!!! The end is in sight, but am stumped with these last 2 rows. The instructions read:

Next row: (RS) K1, *(K1wrap3)4 times, K1; rep from * to end of row.
Next row:P1, *wrap st, P1; rep from * to end of row.

I understand that (RS) stands for have the right side facing me. I’ve learnt how to wrap stitches from looking at youtube videos ( so I understand the last row of instructions). But, I DON’T get the part that says (K1wrap3) - In the pattern next to this instructions it says that K1wrap 3 means = knit one stitch, wrapping the yarn round the needle 3 times. But those 3 stitches have nothing to grab onto except the needle, so, when I get to the last row, I end up with loops/holes…

Please help someone!
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Yes, instead of wrapping the yarn just once around the needle, wrap it 3 times for those sts. Usually you’ll drop the extra wraps on the next row, maybe that’s what “*wrap st, P1…” indicates.

Thanks for your help!

I got through that 2nd last row, now I’m stuck with the last row - what to do with those “wrapped stitches”. It says to drop them but then I’m left with lots of massive holes!

Any thoughts???

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That’s the look of wrapped stitches. Is it a lacey pattern or does it have elongated stitches?
Are these instructions at the top of the bootie and are they possibly for the eyelets so that you can pass ribbon in and out to tie the bootie?

It’s not a lacey pattern - its a very simple pattern using purl and knit stitches. These last 2 rows are at the top of the booties and there are no eyelets for any ribbon - its just like a sock.

OK, I tried the last 2 rows on needles. The wraps around the needle aren’t so loose and floppy after you’ve done the last row (the purl row). The working yarn is moving to the back and then to the front around the 4 sts and again to the back which encircles the sts and tightens them up on the needles.

What are the rest of the directions? Are you at the last row before a bind off?

See my answer in the other thread. Basically you’re going to wrap the yarn around the 4 long sts so they won’t be such large holes, but wrapped up together.

Awesome!!! Thank you guys for your time and help :cheering:

  • I really appreciate it!!! I’ve been trying to work those last 2 rows out for about a week now, and, they WERE as easy as they sounded - I just didn’t trust myself!!!

I’m so happy - that is the first bootie I’ve made!! I’ve only ever done scarves and beenies!!!

Onwards the next challenge now :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: