Is there anyone who could walk me through how u k1p1k1 all in the same stitch? The way I’m doing it doesn’t seem to be right.

Literally just that.

[B]First,[/B] knit the stitch, but don’t slide it off the left needle just yet.
Next, [/B]swing your right needle & working yarn into position for a purl stitch…but don’t slide the entire works off the left needle yet.

[B]Next,[/B] swing your right needle & working yarn into position for yet another knit stitch. After this last ‘knit’ has been executed…then slide the whole works off onto the right needle!

Sounds like your working little bobbles or bobblettes!

Here is a video for a very basic bobble that you described!


And here is another video, by our Amy from KnittingHelp!


Exactly as she said.

First you knit the stitch, but you don’t drop the stitch off the needle.
Then you bring the yarn forward and purl into the stitch. Don’t drop it off.
Then you bring the yarn back to the back and knit into the stitch. Then you drop it off.

It sounds more complicated than it is.

I made a video especially for you. It just takes a few more minutes to upload…

Ok, I hope this works.

I just noticed, there are already a lot of videos out there that show how to do this… Mine have bad lightning… Anyway. Here you go.