HELP!!! I can knit a row of knit stitches and a row of purl stitches, but I can’t seem to do them in the same row. Ex. k1p1,k2p2. I have looked at patterns and read directions and tried other things, maybe I am just trying to hard. Any suggestions form anyone would be apperciated. HAPPT NEW YEAR!!!. I’m not trying to make anything at this time just practicing the different stitches. THANK YOU xxx :balloons: :?? :happydance: :wall:

The trick to switching between knit and purl is to have your yarn in the right position. For knit, the yarn needs to be in back of the needles; for purl, in front of the needles.

When you switch from knit to purl, you have to bring the yarn between the needles to work the purl. When you go from purl to knit, you have to bring the yarn back between the needles to the back to knit.