K1P1 w/ slipped edge--next stitch? Help plz!

Hi y’all, I’m knitting a Hufflepuff scarf for a friend following this pattern:

and I’m only 5 rows in, but my ribbing doesn’t seem to look quite right. I know that it might start looking like it’s supposed to once I get further into it, but I want to make sure it’s right before I have several inches of fabric (in case it IS wrong and I have to rip it out). I tried to Google this but I’m kind of confused with the answers I found. My question is: I’m slipping the first stitch of every row knitwise–should my next stitch be a purl, treating the knitwise slip as a worked knit stitch? That’s what I’ve been doing, but the fabric seems to be ruffling up like 2x2 ribbing instead of 1x1! On my Google search, one thing I found said to alternate the first stitch (after the slipped one) every row, so if I purled that stitch last row I should knit this time. Other things said to just knit it every time. I’m confused! Also, I’m using size 8 needles instead of 7 because I don’t have 7s; does this make a significant difference? Please help–I want to get this right for my friend! Thanks in advance!

You should be fine slipping the first stitch of the row. Then the best guide is to look at the next stitch. If it looks like a V, knit it. If it looks like a loop or collar, purl it. You should be able to see columns of Vs, even at 5 rows with purl stitch columns between (these may be harder to see since they hide between the knit columns).
There are some tips here for knitting the knits and purling the purls that may help.

OK, thanks so much! I think I may have been doing the whole ribbing wrong too. I’ve been purling the ones that look like Vs and knitting the ones with a “collar”, because those were purls and knits on the previous row, respectively. Thanks again! I’ve never done 1x1 in flat knitting, so that’s why I’m all discombobulated. :slight_smile:

Ah, yes, that would be confusing. You’ve likely been doing seed stitch, where you knit the collars and purl the Vs. Another stitch pattern to add to your repertoire but not for the rib in this scarf. Make sure you’re getting columns of Vs and you should be fine.

I’ve got another quick question about the same project, so I just decided to ask it on the same post; is that OK in forum etiquette? :wink:

I mentioned I’m using size 8s instead of the called-for 7s. I’m also a relatively tight knitter. Will this make a big difference in the yardage used/required? Just curious–I absolutely suck at estimating how much fabric the amount of yarn I have will make. The pattern simply calls for 2 skeins of the main color, so I was just wondering if a size up would make a difference big enough that I would have to buy a third skein.

You may be getting close to the correct gauge with the larger needles if you’re a tight knitter. So you’ll probably be OK. That said, it never hurts to have an extra skein on hand just in case you run out. Better that than searching for a similar color or dye lot.
There’s no problem adding this question on to your earlier post. It may get more attention as a separate post, however