K1FB leaving a hole

HI everyone,

I was wondering if the K1FB left a small hole. I did this 3 times in a 1 row and now I have 3 small holes.


Mine never leaves a whole-is this your first time using that increase?

Mine sometimes leaves a tiny hole, it may be because the new stitch grows out of the existing one and there’s nothing below it. Knit a few more rows, gently pull your knitting in a couple directions and it won’t be as noticeable. And after washing or blocking there probably won’t be a hole at all.

Mine also leaves a tiny hole. Dunno why.

Yes, it is the first time i’ve ever used it.

You may be knitting it too loosely or too tightly. Like all knitting, it will improve as you do it more.

Mine leaves a hole too. It is the increase on the ends of the needles in the Jaywalkers and mine have a little row of lacy holes all the way up the sides. I don’t see them on others’ photos… maybe we are doing them wrong? I watched the KH video though… :frowning:

Other people may have washed or blocked theirs before taking the picture. That can help the yarn fuzz up obscuring any holes as well as even out sts. Works in progress seldom look the same as in finished pictures.