K1b help

I’m trying to do a rib pattern that is a repetition of two rows. The first row is knit across, the second is p1;k1b, k1b, p1 across. I’m a getting a big loos loop on the wrong side from slipping the stitches off when I k1b. I don’t think it is right. What am I doing wrong?!

When you knit through the back loop in ribbing, it is called twisted rib. As long as you are sure you are doing the stitch correctly, and are moving the yarn to the proper position for either knit or purl, I would give it a chance. All ribbing looks a little funky on the first few rows, but then straightens itself out shortly. The twisted rib purposefully has a different look than regular rib. If you don’t like it, you can do regular rib instead.