K1 *YO, K2tog* K1

Hi. I’m starting my first scarf that’s not all garter stitch. I cast on 16 stitches.

Doing K1 YO, K2tog K1 I have each row ending differently. Is that right or wrong?

Do I knit every single row beginning with K1 and ending with K1 or do I just begin the scarf with a K1, knit the entire thing as YO, K2tog and end it with the final, final stitch K1?

I am not sure if I’m doing this right! Thanks. :

You will start every row with a K1 and end every row with a K1 - so you’ll do 7 of the YO K2tog.

You’ve got it!

Good luck!

Hi Sara! Thanks. Actually, I think the lady at the store gave me wrong number for cast one. No way can I end each row the same way unless I change to casting on an uneven number of stitches.

It’s just not looking like anything. I’m abandoning this pattern. Maybe because the scarf I saw was done in Eros ladder yarn it made the holes stand out. I’m using regular yarn and it just looks like sloppy knitting. Bummer. I’m going to find a different pattern from HERE instead.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

A CO of 16 stitches would work; what sara was saying is that the middle stitches between the *s are repeated 7 times. Seven times 2 is 14, plus the two edge stitches equals 16. You can adjust that number up or down depending on if you want it wider or narrower, just make sure it is an even number.


But on my second row I should have two to knit together before my k1 at the end of row and I have only one. Something is not right!

I must be doing something very simple wrong because it sounds easy peasy and I’ve been unable to do it for two weeks.

Maybe you forgot to do a YO on the previous row. That happens, even with experienced knitters.


ETA: it’s a good idea to count your stitches at the end of each row to make sure you haven’t lost or added one.

Yes, that could be.

I’m going to try some more. I say I’m quitting, and then I keep trying. I’m a bit of a basket case on this tiny little pattern. lol! Surely I can do more than garter stitch… Surely! Surely? :oops:

Of course you can! No one got it right the first time they tried something. Or the first dozen times sometimes. It just takes practice.


I would just like to point out that the first time I read this instruction I searched the book I was using for a whole hour, trying to find how to make a toggle out of two knit stitches (and why do I need a toggle anyway?). Eventually, I did discover the index of stitch abbreviations in the back, and everything suddenly fell together. Don’t give up!!! Knitting gets more interesting, the more stuff you try.

Lilian - I hope you stick with it!! Lace is hard to knit when you first try it!! I’ve knitted several lace projects but the last one I tried I worked on it for 3 hours and could not get it to work…so it happens to all of us!

I hope you are able to figure it out - just keep counting those stitches! :thumbsup:

I had an idea. This weekend, my son’s girlfriend was doing a yo, k2tog pattern for the first time, and she was working the yo as a yo, k1 and then knitting the 2 together. Could you be doing that rather than yo, k2tog without a k1 in there?

Hmmmm. I will double check myself and see about this.

Also, I didn’t know this was a lace pattern. I like lace.