(k1,yo,k1) in same stitch are there any video's out there?


Not that I’ve seen, but this is really easy to do. Make sure to not hold your yarn too tightly. Basically you knit leaving the stitch on your left needle (don’t drop it) bring the yarn through the needles as if to yo then knit again in the same stitch as you just did then drop the stitch from the left needle. It will work. :slight_smile:

I have found this video very helpful–but, I believe the yo between 2 knit stitches is different than(?)

I saw your Botanica medallion cardi on ravelry and I am just starting it. was struggling with row 2! searched to see if my hunch was correct and ended up here, then recognized your name! Nice thing. got any advice as I am starting out?

The Yarnover between the two knits in this increase is FORMED as normal, however in the final fabric it look much more like a normal knit stitch then it does a yarnover.