[(k1, yo, k1) in next st, k1] HELP!

This is a pattern for a scarf in the round where I have 60 current stitches (made of knits and yo’s) and I need to increase in this round to 120 stitches.

How do I (k1, yo, k1) in the next stitch? Does that mean a M1, yo, and knit the existing stitch? I realize I need 2 new stitches for every 2 existing stitches (double the amount of stitches), but I can’t figure out the “in next stitch” part of that equation.

And if you could please explain it to me very explicitly b/c I’m still fairly new to knitting and pretty dumb when it comes to visualizing written explanations of various stitches (that’s why I love the videos on KnittingHelp).

Thank you so much!!!

k1 yo k1 into one stitch:

you knit that next stitch but do NOT slide it off the left needle. Make a yarn over (may be a little strange of a movement, but you’ll get the hang of it.)
now knit into that same stitch again. (I might knit through the back loop here, but it doesn’t say so)

so now you still have that original stitch on your left needle and you have just made 3 loops on your right needle, the 3rd one still connecting the needles.

THEN take the original stitch off the left needle.

Now instead of one stitch you have 3 stitches.

the next stitch you just work normal,

then on the one after that (stitch no. 3) you do that tripple-thing again.

result: 60 stitches, every second stitch holds the increase. that makes 30 increases. Increasing by 2 stitches each time, that makes 60 stitches more than before, 120 total.

Thanks, Hyperactive! That made perfect sense. I’ll try it out this morning.:woohoo:

glad I could help! let me know how it goes!

Just as I thought: very easy to do. It’s funny how something simple can be so difficult to visualize or figure out on your own.

Thanks again!

It’s also harder to explain simple things sometimes too. :wink:

I totally agree, suzee. The most simple things can drive you nuts to explain.

So glad I found this thread. My son’s girlfriend gave me some yarn and an afghan pattern book for Christmas. One of the only patterns which called for the yarn she gave me called for this (K1, YO, K1) in next st which totally stumped me. I love this forum. Thanks!!