K1,*yo, drop next stitch, * repeat end w/ K1

How can this be the correct pattern? If you do this you drop the whole row except the first and last stitch and have yarn wrapped around your needle bunches of times. Help!!!:help:

I suspect either suomeone is under the impression that a yarnover involves knitting a stitch or:

what was intenced to be written is:

*k1, yo, drop next stitch; repeat from * across, end with k1.

There may be a YO below the st that you drop which will keep it from all unraveling. What’s the pattern? A link or picture would help, also a few of the rows (not the whole thing please).

Well that is obviously messed up. If you yo and then drop a stitch over and over again you’re gonna end up with all your stitches dropped and a needle entirely wrapped. I’m with MMario on this one. It’s probably supposed to be repeat from the k1.