K1, yfrd, K1 all in to next st ? can you help me please

I am knitting “Willow” from the Rowan Ribbon Twist collection and the pattern states K1, yfrd, K1 all in to next st ?
I am a bit confused as never done a yfwd before , not sure how to do it do i wrap it round the needle before i knit the othe stitch ?
Sorry am a newbie :muah:
Thanks in advance for your help[/quote]


What you’ll end up doing is having a knit, yo, knit in the one stitch.

Just knit but don’t slide it off, bring the yarn forward between the needles and knit into the same stitch again and then slide it off. You’ll end up with 3 stitches where there was one.

Thanks that helps me a lot…fell a bit silly now…seems vey simple !!
Wish me luck.