K1 Twist

Hello happy knitters!

Do any one know what these instructions mean?

“k1 twist” am I knitting through the back loop???

Faith :woot:

Maybe. Does your pattern indicate anything about what this means? Most of them have stitch notes between the yarn/needle information and the CO instructions. Or if you can link to the pattern it might help.


I checked again and there was no additional instructions.
The pattern is a Lang pattern. I’m thinking it might be european instructions? Is there a site you can refer me to?
THanks Suzeeq!


A link to the pattern or even the name of the pattern really would help. If it’s a book or magazine, see if there is a glossary of terms. Here is a site with a fairly comprehensive list of abbreviations.

Oooh now that link is going to come in handy. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for all your help!!!

Faith :grphug: