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I a knitting a scarf with Bernat Denimstyle yarn. I started with 39 stitches, knitted the first row then it is k1 p1 and now I have increased to 51 stiches, is this normal or am I doing something wrong

Thanks for your help:hmm:

Hi, welcome to KH.
How many rows have you worked already?
Usually increasing unintentionally comes from having the yarn go over the right needle between sts or at the end of a row when it should go under. Check the free videos at the top of the page and see if you are moving the yarn from back to front correctly.

When you switch the yarn from front to back, bring it between the needle tips, not over the needle. That’s very likely how you’re adding stitches.

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You should be able to lay the scarf out to see where you’re increasing stitches. Inadvertantly moving the yarn over the needle when you switch between knits and purls will leave a hole that you should be able to see if you stretch the scarf out a bit widthwise. If you’re adding stitches at the end of the row, that should show up too because the scarf will be skewed at one or both edges. You can fix that by looking at the edge stitch and pulling the yarn down from the needle before knitting rather than pulling it up and over the needle (the latter makes one stitch look like two).