K1, p1

Hi. I need some help. I want to make a ribbed edge for a hat I’m making and the instructions say “k1, p1 to end.” I tried to knit one then purl one but the yarn looks funny on the needle…I imagine I’m doing it wrong. Please help!

I’ll bet I have been there and done that. LOL You need to make certain that you have the yarn in the back when you do the knit stitch and that you take it to the front when you purl. To switch from knit to purl move the yarn the way you need it BETWEEN the needles. IOW With yarn in back, knit one, move the yarn to the front between needles. Purl the next stitch. Now move the yarn to the back between the needles for the next stitch. Knit. Keep moving the yarn back and forth before each change of stitch.

Also, you may need to just grit your teeth and keep going… when I did it I had to do five or six rounds before it started to “gel” and look like a proper ribbing. The first row or two may not look like anything to write home about.

Yes, it doesn’t usually look right for several rows. Just keep going, you’ll get there!