K1, p1

When I K1 and P1 the next row is a disaster and I don’t know where to place the needle for the stitch. What am I doing wrong?

I’m not sure what you mean about the needle placement - but with k1 p1 ribbing, it doesn’t look like ribbing until you’ve done a few rows.

Hope that makes sense.

Learn what the stitches look like…it will make your life easier! This has become my mantra… :teehee:

To rib you knit the knit stitches and purl the purls as they face you. That means when the knitting is in your left hand and you are ready to knit.

And…stick with it, it takes several rows before it looks like ribbing.

Are you doing ribbing or seed stitch? If you want ribbing, you switch once you turn. The stitches where you see a little loop around the bottom of the stitch, at the underside of the needle, should be purled. The ones that don’t have this loop should be knit. If you end the first row with P1, your first stitch on the second row should be K1. Otherwise you don’t get ribbing but seed stitch which looks messy if it’s not what you are expecting. Let me clarify with a chart kind of thing.

  • = K1 |= P1

  • | - | - | - |

  • | - | - | - |

  • | - | - | - | This is ribbing. A stitch that is knit on one side, is purled on the other side.

  • | - | - | - |
    | - | - | - | -

  • | - | - | - | This is seed stitch. Stitches knit on the right side are also knit on the wrong side.

Does that make sense or did I just make it more complicated?

Yes, do learn what each stitch looks like. If you have an even number of stitches, when you end the row with a p, you start it with a k. After a couple rows you’ll be able to tell which are knits and which are purls.


an easy way to remember what the stitches look like is to remember that Purl is wearing a string of pearls around her neck and Knitty likes her V-necks :teehee: and a woman’s accessories must always match! Knit the "V"s and purl when you see her string of pearls.

remember that Purl is wearing a string of pearls around her neck and Knitty likes her V-necks

Wow! :doh: I never thought of it that way but that so helps me! I’ve been trying to learn this for a while and was kind of getting it but what a nice way to remember!

oh yay! I’m happy that helps :happydance:


Welcome and never be afraid to ask a question, everyone is sooooo nice here :hug: .

I echo the sentiment to learn what the stitches look like. At first I was confused by Knits and purls, but once I got the hang of what I was doing I began to recognize how the stitches looked and even how the pattern starts to look as you knit it up. I love to practice new patterns - dishclothes are a great way to practice!