K1 P1 rib question

I’m knitting a hoodie and the pattern says work in K1 P1 rib for 4 rows - it’ already shows K1 P1 is made up of row 1 and 2. It’s further complicated by the fact there is a repeat last row for K1 P1 instruction. Should this be literally 12 rows? Thanks everyone

Hi there,

Do you have a link for the pattern? It might be helpful to take a look at the hoodie, or to see the instructions written out as they are in the pattern.

Hi Bee, it’s Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, Hooded Sweater, 70216A. Thank you!

Thanks! Okay, so the “Pattern Stitch” section is confusingly placed, but it’s just explaining how to do a 1x1 rib, they’re not actually telling you to do it just yet. As for the repeat row, I kind of think it’s just a typo and they meant “repeat last two rows” since you’re going to work four rows total.

So you’re going to cast on the specified number of stitches, work four rows in stocking stitch (knit on right side, purl on wrong side), and then work four rows in the 1x1 rib. Then switch to the larger needles and work in stocking stitch until you’ve got the correct measurements, lengthwise. If you zoom in on the photo and look at the bottom edge, you can see how it curls up a bit (the first four rows of stockinette) and then you see the four rows of ribbing (itty bitty).

Hopefully that made a bit more sense, but let me know if it didn’t, and I can try to reword it :slight_smile:

Hi Bee, thank you, I was confused with the way it is set out too. I have done this and it looks ok, just ready to move on to the larger needles. Thank you again.

No problem! I’ve found that Lion Brand’s patterns can be a little confusing sometimes :woman_facepalming:

Thank you!