K1,p1,k1 all into next stitch. How?

I am finishing a wrap around sweater that has lace edging on the sleeves and bottom edge. The directions for the first row, after casting on 8 stitches are as follows: k2, *yrn, p2tog [k2,p2,k2] all into next stitch, repeat from * to end. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to [k2,p2,k2] into the next stitch. Does anyone know how to do that?

The trick with this kind of increase is first: don’t slide the stitch off of the left needle until you have completed the the whole series, so you will k1 (don’t slide off the left needle yet!), k1, (don’t slide off the left needle yet!) then make sure to bring your yarn forward, then p1 (don’t slide off the left needle yet!)), p1 (don’t slide off the left needle yet!), bring your yarn back for your knit stitched now, k1 (don’t slide off the left needle yet!), and k1-NOW slide the stitch off the left needle- you’ve now increased 5 stitches from your original count.

In other words, you keep working into the same stitch on your left needle until you have performed a k2,p2,k2, into that one stitch and only then do you slide that stitch off of your left needle.

The second trick is to not work these stitches too tightly. Hope that helps!

I think that in order to increase the sts by 6sts you need to kfb, pfb, kfb. It does get a little tight but I wonder if k1,yo, p1, yo, k1, yo wouldn’t do it just as well and be much easier to knit?

Thank you, that worked well!

Thank you for the help. I tried your first suggestion and it worked.

It helps to use a smaller needle to do this, maybe a double point if you have one. Don’t expect to get the entire needle into the stitch. It’s okay to just use the tip if that’s all you can squeeze in.

Yes, use the tip, but make sure the new sts get pushed back up on the full part of the needle or [I]they’ll [/I]be too tight.