K1,P1,K1 all in the same stitch?

Hi everyone:hug:I am working on a blanket that asks me to "K1,P1,K1 all in the same stitch:roflhard: Oh boy…here I go again…any clues out there?:heart:

It’s like a knit front and back, only with an extra st involved. Knit the st, leave it on the needle, purl into the back of it, then knit into the front again. Pointy needles help…

Thanks Suzeeq, I’ll give it my best

Make sure you give those three new stitches a little space! It’s easy to let them get tight. you must be doing the trinity stitch? A.K.A Bramble stitch? It’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

:woohoo:Yep you’re right!! Wish I could find a video on this stitch…before I try it…knit the st leave it on the needle, purl thru the back of the stitch on the left needle? Then knit again? Right??

Make sure like with any change from knit to purl and back that you move the yarn to the back to do the knit parts and have the yarn in front when you are doing the purl part.

Just knit purl knit like always just use the same stitch:) You will love makeing this!

Im working on an afghan which requires this stitch. It was on an episode of knitty gritty and they have the video online. Thats how I figured it out. Heres a link. Watch the video for the trinity stitch.

:yay::yay:Thanks soooo much, now I get it!!!:hug: