K1,P1 in yo. Help Please!

I’m trying to figure out how to work this pattern. I get that you knit into the yarn over, then purl before pulling the yarn off of the left hand needle. But when I complete the purl there are two pieces of yarn on the left hand needle, do I grab both of them like if I were knitting two together? Or do I slip the first one off and only knit into the 2nd piece?

I hope that makes sense, I’m not very good at describing things. This is my first time trying an actual pattern other than just knitting plain blankets and scarves.

Once you’ve knit into the first loop of the double yo, slip that loop off the left needle. Be sure that the second loop of the double yo stays on the left hand needle so you can purl into it.
It’s shown in this video at about the 1:20 point in the video.

But the confusing part is that this wasn’t originally a double yarn over, it was just a regular one. I can only find help for if it was a double yarn over.

The row before I do a k1, yo, k2tog and repeat that. Then it goes to k1, (k1,p1) in yo, k1 and repeat.

Later in the pattern it specifies a double yarn over, but since it doesn’t do that for this part I need to figure out how to do a regular k1,p1, into one yo.

It’s basically the same idea. Knit one into the yarn over but don’t let the stitch slide off the left needle. Bring the yarn strand forward between the needles and purl one into the same loop. Then slip the stitch off the left hand needle.
You should only have one loop to slip off the left hand needle. There’ll be two new stitches on the right hand needle.

I think I got it now! I wasn’t purling into the same loop, I was purling into the next one. That makes much more sense now. I wish there was a video out there for the k1,p1 into a single yo, I’m a visual learning so it takes me a minute to figure things out just from descriptions. Thank you so much! That was very helpful :slight_smile:

I was going to help you yesterday, but ran into the same problem. No video for k1p1 into a single YO. I didn’t have time to test it at the time. Glad Salmonmac was able to help!