K1 M1 in the same stitch?

Sorry I need more help.

The pattern says [k1, m1] 2 times.

I’m unsure how to do this. I know that to do two stitches in one that you just don’t slip the first stitch off after you knit it. But if I make 1 then is that new stitch going to go in front of the knit stitch? I’m not sure I get it. Plus it’s the beginning of a row and I have been practicing slipping the first stich. Should I just start off by making one and then slipping the next stitch? I’m confused.

A M1 is an increase in the bar between two stitches. There is a video in the increase section, but there are several. For the clogs, the M1 I made is the one where you put your left needle under the bar between the stitches from front to back. Then you knit into the little loop in the back of that strand that’s going over the needle. It’s a little awkward, but if you knit into the front of the strand, you’ll get a hole.

I don’t know what Amy calls this one in the videos.

Thanks Ingrid, I’ve been doing the same increase. I’m just unsure how I start a row with an increase. Maybe I’m interpretting it wrongly. I’m on row 4 and it starts off by saying [k1, m1]. I was thinking that this meant that I need to knit 1 and then leave the stitch on the needle and make 1. But if it can only be made between stitches then it must mean to slip that knit stitch off and then make one. :??

If it says k1 M1, then knit the first stitch and make the increase in the bar between the first and second stitch.

I’m sorry, I feel so stupid. I thought the brackets meant that it had to be all in the same stitch. I guess not though.

The brackets are there so you do what’s in them twice.