K1, inc1 to last stitch, k1 (18 stitches

I’m converting a needle knit pattern to a loom knit pattern.

I’m supposed to cast on 10 stitches. Then row 1 reads: K1, inc1 to last stitch, k1 (18 stitches

Do I add 8 more stitches to row 1 to go from the original CO 10 to get 18?

Hi! According to the information you provided my answer would be yes. Can you provide a link, or name so we can see the actual pattern?

I’m guessing it should be written to indicate that k1, inc1 is to be repeated.
(k1, inc1) rpt to last st, k1
or maybe
*k1, inc1 rpt from * to last st, k1

Hi and welcome!
Yes, you need to increase one stitch in each of the 8 middle stitches. You have 10sts cast on and the 2 end sts are knits. In order to get the 8stitch increase, you need to increase in each of those 8 middle stitches for a total of 18sts.
For hand knitting you could do a knit front and back (kfb), or a knit right loop or knit left loop (krl, kll). Does that work for a loom?