K1 in st below

What does this mean? I have been trying to understand the few websites I’ve gone to, but not exactly sure what to do without any visuals…

If you look in the Glossary (tab above) of this site, you’ll find a video for k-b (“knit stitch in row below”) for both the English and continental styles of knitting.

You can also search on YouTube. I found this video that looks like a good demonstration of the move.

There’s some pictures and a tutorial to explain it here and here

quick additional description:
when knitting in the stitch below you ignore the stitch on the left needle and poke your right needle into the loop (stitch) that the active stitch was made into (the one below the actual stitch). then just knit that loop instead of the live stitch. then slip the stitch above off the needle.

What happens? you pull a stitch to your right needle and you drop a stitch (the one you just slipped off).

there will not be a drop-stitch now, because you “catch” it in the row below where you poked in.

You thereby undo the stitch that was on the needle and make a pulled-up stitch from the row below.

the yarn of the undone stitch lies within the new stitch though (different from a simple slip stitch in a pattern).

Thank you soooo much!!! I have looked at the video in the glossary about 20 times…and cannot see too well…I think I know what to do, but am now going to go to the other video…thanks again!!

Thank you!! They helped alot!!!