K1 F/B increase


I know the K1 F/B increase stitch, but do not understand the following instruction for the ‘Easy Baby Cardigan’ in ‘More Last Minute Knitted Gifts’:

Shape Front Neck:
Row 1 (RS): Work to first marker, k1 f/b, work to end
Row 2: Work to 1 st before second market, k1-f/b, work to end
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 five times, working increased sts in St st as they become available … and herein lies my problem … I am using the Seed Stitch version for the neck edge of the cardigan (all else in St st) but the seed stitches around the neck are not coming out as pictured … I know it’s very simple and I’m just missing something … help

When you increase one st with seed st it will throw off the pattern. I think the key is the “…working increased sts in St st as they become available…”. i would let the increased st stay in stockinette st until there are 2 increases, then you can incorporate them into seed st. As soon as you come to the seed sts, work the seed st pattern so that that pattern continues.

Thank you so much … your suggestion did the trick … much appreciated!!