K1 Below?

I’m VERY new to knitting. Does anyone have a demo video of how to “Knit 1 Below?”

Does the pattern actually say “K1 Below” or does it read K1B? It would make a huge difference.

There’s a video on the Glossary page under k-b, and here’s a tutorial with pictures.

K1B can also be used to mean k1 tbl or an increase like the KLL.

Go here and scroll down to k-b. I have made 3 neckwarmers with the k-b stitch. At 1st it’s seems hard, but then it just clicks and is easy.


What are you making?

This is great and just what I was looking for.

Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your reply. Yes the instructions do say “K1 Below” and from the other responses I have received, I believe I can do the step now.


Appreciate the help and images.