K1 below: befuddled!

Patons “Wrap It Up” booklet’s blanket poncho has vertical rowsof elongated knit stitches that separate the different patterns.

Instructions say: K1B: Knit into next stitch one row below, at same time slipping off st above.

When I tried that, I got a nasty horizontal loop- what am I doing wrong? Please look at the pictures at http://photos.yahoo.com/lukesmama in the album called Patons…

I thank you thank you for your help!!
Kris :??




Here are a few sites you can check out to see if you’re doing it correctly. Maybe it’s supposed to look like that on the back?

i think the nasty horizontal loop is supposed to be on the back side, but i don’t know how i can make that happen. the stitch below that i’m knitting into is a purl, so maybe there’s some fancy trick for that?

I wish I could help. I’ve only knit into knit stitches below. I think if I had a purl below I’d just knit into that one, too. I can’t imagine what the problem is.