K1-2sts inc'd

Good day, I am busy with the sleeves of my pattern, what does k1-2sts inc’d mean. How do I continue?

What’s your pattern name and can you link to it?
If that’s at the end of the instructions for the row it’s telling you to knit the last stitch that you increased 2 stitches as you worked the row.

Thank you for your answer. Kind regards Adri

Does that fit with the pattern? Without seeing the pattern it was little more than a guess.

Yes, I think so. The row:
Inc row: (RS) K1, M1R (see Glossary), work in pattern to last st, M1L (see Glossary) K-2 sts inc’d. Rep Inc row every 10 rows

OK, I think that’s it then. Happy knititng.