K0 P0 in the very first part of pattern

am I correct in thinking this is another way of saying slip the stitch knit-wise or purl-wise? Its the very start of the pattern before you get to the brackets for the different sizes of the pattern. After that section the pattern goes on with a K2 P2 and repeat with reverse for the next row.

And for anyone with it handy, I’m looking at the Rowan Cocoon Collection and the Babette sweater pattern.

This is my first sweater and with the yarn so pricy, I can’t afford to muck it up.

Thanks! :knitting:

When you have different sizes, sometimes they say knit 0, or purl 0, that means you just jump that part and move on to the next part.

Just skip those instructions when you have a k/p 0 for your size, and go on to the next ones. Don’t slip a stitch or do anything except what the [I]next[/I] set of instructions say to do.