K versus K tbl

Hi All,

I’ve been knitting for about a year (an addiction)…and currently just started on a baby sweater in the new Rowan book “Classic Babies” (Book Four). I am making Jimmy, which is an aran cabled sweater with pockets. Its adorable, but I just realized I messed up where the ribbing ends and the chart kicks in.

Instead of “K1 tbl”, I just “K1” and where it says to “P1 tbl”, I just “P1”. I understand now that “tbl” means I should have knit and purled in the back loop, but I’m wondering what the difference is between that and a regular stitch…and if I should go back and correct this in the 4 rows I’ve done or start doing it correctly from here on out (I am currently on Row 5 of the Chart). I don’t mind going back, but I am really not sure what the “tbl” is all about.

Thanks for any help or insight you may have.

knitting through the back loop twists the stitch. Im not sure HOW to purl through the back loop, though…

Through the back loop twists the stitch so that it doesn’t leave a gap or hole. They’re also done to create a decorative stitch. If ktbl or ptbl is difficult for you, you can manually twist the stitch before knitting or purling it.

If it’s going fine for you and not leaving holes, or if the holes don’t bother you, you can continue on without worrying about it. But it is something you should practice for future patterns.

Thank you for the replies. They were a big help…part of the “still feeling new to knitting” even though I’ve done a few projects. Thanks so much!