K. to end, picking up loop at point where work was turned

Trying a vintage hat pattern. The brim is knit separately. The instructions call for cast on of 13 stitches.
1st row knit
2nd row k.9, turn
3rd row slip first st. purlways, y.b., k.8.
4th row k. to end, picking up loop at point where work was turned and knitting it together with next st.

My question: I don’t understand the instructions since the next 59 rows are knit as first 4 rows. If I knit the slipped stitch together, I’d lose a stitch, but I don’t see what “loop” I am supposed to be picking up. I keep googling for information, but I just keep getting info for a M1, which isn’t what I have. I need a visual! Which loop? Thanks!

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The directions are for short rows with wrap and turn, so you won’t be losing any sts. Here’s a video that will help and it will show you the loop that needs to be knit together with the stitch (this loop is the “wrap”.)

Thanks for the help. I guess because the pattern is old, the terminology is different. Now that I know it’s a form of a wrap stitch I was able to find an english knitting video that helps me understand. It looks like I will be shaping the brim of the hat with these stitches. My pattern version isn’t quite a full wrap, but my sample seems to look like it’s working, so life is good. Thanks again.

Is the pattern online somewhere? Maybe someone can find it if they know the name. If you’re working garter stitch then sometimes the wrap isn’t necessary. There are so many ways of doing short rows. I think if you find one you’re comfortable with and looks good to you, you can just go with it. Does the pattern have a note somewhere about how to work the short row turns, maybe the directions for wrapping?