K next st tog with corresponding st 5 rows below


I am currently knitting ‘booties with blanket stitch detail’ from Debbie Bliss. I do not understand what the line above means. Does it mean pick up stitches back in the knitting?


Yes. For every stitch on the needle (or for as many sts as the pattern tells you) drop down 5 rows, pick up the corresponding st, put it on the left needle and knit the two sts together. It’s done sometimes to creat a hem or a roll or a kind of piping in the knitting.

Thank you so much. It seems to be working!!

Sounds like a pretty way to finish an edge !

hi, i’m working on the same pattern as well. I’ve also got something don’t understand. how come 34sts suddenly increase to 60sts?

What’s the pattern name? If there’s YO/YF or m1 or kfb in the row, those are increases and make more stitches.

I’m also struggling with this pattern. Iv done the first section including shaping the instep but can someone please explain:
With right side facing, rejoin yarn at base of instep and pickup and k13 sts along side of instep, k across centre 8 sts, then pick up and k13 sts along other side of instep. 34 sts. Beg with a p row, work 5 rows in st st on these 34 sts.


You’ve been knitting the instep or the part of the bootie that covers the top of the foot probably on 8sts. Now you’re to take a new end of yarn and go back to the beginning of the instep and pick up 13sts. These 13sts will be picked up at the side of the instep. Then you knit across the 8sts at the end and finally pick up 13sts down the other side of the instep, working toward the base of the instep on that side. When you knit these sts you’ll be making the sides of the bootie.
This video is approximately what you’re supposed to do for picking up along the side of the instep.

Thanks - I couldn’t figure out how to do that with my needles all still in other stitches! I seem to have done that ok - now for figuring out the next bit of picking up and knitting together with stitches from 5 rows below…I thought this pattern was pretty straightforward but there are a few new techniques for a newbie like me!

Ok, I still don’t get this…how do I pick up a stitch from 5 rows below?? Do you do this from the front of the work, or the back? Can you suggest a video which demonstrates this - I can only seem to find ones where you knit 1 below, and this seems to be completely different to what I want to do…thanks muchly

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Clear videos are not so easy to come by for this. The idea is to look over your needle to the purl side, count down 5 sts and pick up the purl loop and knit it together with the st on the left needle. The idea is to make a welt or tuck or fold in the knitting. See if this one helps out. Bear with the beginning and I’ll see if I can find the good Eunny Jang video for this.

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I got it! Thanks! i didn’t think to bring the stitch below up onto the needle to then knit the 2 together :slight_smile:

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting this it makes total sense now. I did it from the front and when I finished the bootee the ledge was on the inside. LOL. Thanks for straighten me out.

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I’ve done similar things and really, all you can do is laugh. Glad you’ve got it working!