K into 2nd st on LH needle, k into 1st st on LH needle

…sl both sts to RH needle.

Hi! I’m new here. My name’s Donna, I’m 38 and I live in Charlotte, NC. I’ve been knitting for about 6 mos and I’m attempting my first pattern. I appreciate anyone’s help!

If you knit into the 2nd stitch, what do you do with the first? Does “knit into” mean just your basic knit. I don’t think so because if it was your basic knit your stitch would already be on your RH needle; you wouldn’t need to sl both sts to RH needle. :wall:

Thanks a lot!

It’s a way of doing a twist or mini cable. Knit into the 2nd st like you normally would, leave it on the needle, knit the 1st stitch and then let both of them drop off. You’ll have 2 new stitches on the right needle, with a twist.

You might pick up some scrap yarn, CO about 10 sts, knit in stockinette for a couple rows, then practice it. Knit 2, make the twist st, k2, make a twist, k2. Knit a couple more rows plain, then repeat the twist row. After you do a few inches, you’ll see how it looks.


it is a bit easier if you knit into back loop of first stitch (it will result in a twisted stitch, but the twist will be hidden!)

Thanks for the responses. I finally figured it out! :cheering: