K.I.S.S. - means 'Kept in StitcheS…'
On Saturday, my knitting group went out for lunch to a nice buffet. We went there at 11:30 a.m., had a marvelous lunch, a great party…, left there just before 1 to get to the library where we hold our weekly meetings. We were celebrating one full year since our group came into being.
We knit, crochet, stitch… it doesn’t matter. We take no minutes, if you don’t come it doesn’t matter, you come when you can… we always love to see you!
We call ourselves KISS - kept in stitches… because we laugh a lot, talk up a storm constantly, admire each other’s work, sometimes getting a little lesson on the way and just have a great time!
These ladies have been a God Send in my life… a caregiver for almost 20 years, a person gets used to being alone. Thank goodness, I saw that little ad in the local paper!
I know that lots of knitters are in groups and I don’t think I ever understood why that should be important until I joined a group myself.
I’d love it if others here would add a bit about their groups and why they mean so much to them. I’m sure each groups reason for being is different from mine but, in the end I have it in my head that the basic reason is the same… to share, to share, to share!
I love knitting!
:knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

Your group sounds wonderful and I’d join it myself if we lived anywhere near each other.
I’ve just joined a local group and it’s turning out to be lots of fun. It’s larger than I thought it would be but seems to be a very congenial group of knitters with mixed levels of experience. I love the enthusiasm of the group for a shared passion and I’m so glad to have found it. Sounds like we’re both lucky in that.

Yarn stores often have some form of social knitting group which I joined and met some wonderful knitters and friends. About 6-8 of us have been together for 10 yrs or so even with stores moving or closing so we had to knit in restaurants weekly, and now we have a new yarn store and are again knitting in the store. Over this time we’ve included new people and said goodbye to others, had informal classes and knit alongs. Sometimes a few of us will join a formal class. It’s been great fun!