K 0?

Hey everybody.

i’m sure a million beginner knitters have asked this question. I’m starting on a project and the beginning of the pattern is:

3rd row: K0 (3-2-2), * inc in next st, K20
(20-13-14), rep from * to last 1 (4-2-3)
st/s, inc in next st, K0 (3-1-2) … 68 (74-
80-86) sts.

I started with 2 rows of garter stitch and have 64 stitches after the first two rows, so I need to add some stitches, I’m just not sure where.

ANy advice?


I am a kinda beginner myself. I think it means the sizes. If you are working on the smallest size you knit zero. IF you are working on the larger sizes you knit what is in the parenthesis.
I think your supposed to increase in the first stitch. then knit 20 then another increase.
I maybe wrong. Let’s wait and see what the experts say :teehee:

Hello, Fairyknitter.

The instructions for the 3rd row plus the fact that you have 64 stitches tell us that you are making the smallest size.

Your first instruction (for your size) is K0 so you don’t knit anything at this stage and go straight the next instruction (think of it as a free pass).

Next you will increase in the next stitch - I would use the KFB increase from the Increases section of the Free Videos at the top of the screen for this - and then knit 20 stitches. You then rep(eat) from * (asterisk) to the last 1 st. So you go back to the point in the instructions where the * first appears and keep repeating those instructions ie inc in next stitch, K20 until you have 1 stitch remaining on your left needle and inc in this stitch.

You should then have worked your row and have 68 stiches on your needle.

A quick hint when a pattern tells you how many stiches you should at a certain stage is to count them before going onto the next row so if there is an error you can correct it before doing rows of knitting and having big problem later on.

I hope I haven’t confused you or dumb down too much.

Out of interest, what are you knitting? I don’t need to know, but we’re a nosey an inquisitive bunch of people.