Jute for macreme

I was given lots of jute… it’s pretty heavy weight stuff… it’s gonna go to whoever can use it if you cover shipping…

PM if interested, it’s several colors, going to try to get pics up tomorrow

Would your jute be suitable for making a hammock? How about rugs? I’ve never used it before and would love to see pics.

There isn’t enough for a hammock, it seemed like more than it was perhaps as I was just glancing thru.

The only info I have is what was on some of the packaging
Light Brown/Beige- 5 ply, 5mm, 210 ft
Red- 3 ply, 486 ft, there are two or three 1" wooden beads stuck in the middle that I didn’t feel like pulling out and misplacing 'em right now.
The gold that is in a “spool” is 5ply 162 ft.

It’s yours for the cost of shipping…