Just..WOW! Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!

I’m so EXCITED:cheering: :blooby: :cheering: :blooby: and so very, very HONORED!!!
My 2008 Pattern A Day Calendar arrived today :cheering: Brace yourself, cause you WON’T believe this (I’m still having a problem believing it :teehee:)!!!

[I]I HAVE 9 PATTERNS IN IT[/I] :thud:I’m in absolute shock :shock:! I’m so stunned! I’m so excited and honored, yet humbled all at once! It’s all unbelievable and exciting and I had to share it with ya’ll :muah: :blooby: :muah: :blooby: :muah:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


That’s so exciting! :cheering::cheering:

Congratulations! Woo hoo!

That’s fantastic!!! Congrats!!! :cheering::happydance::cheering::happydance::cheering::happydance:

Forgive me if I act totally and completely [B]UN[/B]-surprised. :smiley:


WOW!!! I’m still following patterns pretty closely, so I’m SO IMPRESSED!


That is awesome Becka!! Congratulations! :woot::woot:

Congratulations!!! :cheering:

Sounds like you need to take a deep breath, sit down, and rummage through your stash till the shock passes!!

YAY!!! I’m so happy for you!!!

Congratulations!! That is awesome!


You deserve the honor! Your work is just [I][B]amazing[/B][/I]! :muah:

That is so awesome! Congratulations!!! :cheering:



Congratulations!!! :thumbsup:

Wow! Good for you, you super-knitter!!:muah::muah:

That’s awesome! I know what calendar I’m buying next year!


I will have to wait until December before I can get my hands on it though… :S :frowning:

Well laddy friggin’ daa… ~ :yadda::yadda:

Just kiddin~:teehee::teehee::teehee:

Great job~ :cheering::cheering:
ok can you share your Real name so that we can buy it and say… that’s OUR rebecca~!
OMG~ NINE patterns~!


woooo!! That’s amazinggg. You’re amazing. Good job :hug:
I can’t wait to see those patterns!