Just wondering

I am making a wrap but it says multiple of 2stitches +1 what does that mean? I am making it in the small size (which is 25 stitches)so it doesnt apply to me by I was just curious. Thanks

It’s just giving you the information that the stitch pattern is a multiple for 2 sts - those are the sts that will be repeated - plust 1 more. So basically any odd number over 3 is correct, no matter what the size.

Well if the pattern is a multiple of 2 stitches + 1 then that applies to all sizes. There is a pattern stitch that requires 2sts which are repeated a ceertain number of times with one extra st before or after the repeat. So in your case it’s 2sts times 12 repeats plus one = 25sts.

It’s telling you that so if you want to make it again someday (only a different size), you will know how many stitches to cast on.

You would cast on any odd number. The 2 sts PLUS 1 more at the end.

hth, knitcindy