Just wondering

Hi Suzee
I noticed some advice you gave about knitting intarsia. You said always start a new color on a knit row. I have been following a chart and it indicates that the color change takes place on a purl row. Have I been doing it wrong or does that just apply for non chart patterns?

Was that for intarsia - I thought she was knitting stripes. If you’re doing stockinette I think you could change colors on the purl row too. It doesn’t really matter except that it’s going to show on garter or ribbing no matter which row you do it.

Thanks for clarifying- I was worried I was doing it wrong!

you can change yarn in any row. just if you do it in some places it will show.

whenever you see the “bumps” on the front - be it garder stitch or RS purl and WS knit - you will see the color change by a bi-colored stripe.
with RS purl and WS knit that is not avoidable (ribbing or pattern for example) but in garder stitch: alway change so that the bumps are on the WS of your piece.

as long as your front is stochinette: go ahead and change to your hearts desire.