Just wondering

I’ve been knitting a while and have run into some terms I dont understand- I did check the glossary, I just need some clarification.
In a pattern, it says Yarn forward(which I know I would do if I were to purl the next stitch) however, the next stitch is knit. that confuses me-how do I do that and what does that do to the pattern?


When you bring the yarn forward, you go ahead and drape it over the right needle (kinda takes it to the back side), you insert right needle into stitch on left needle as if to knit. When you bring the yarn behind the inserted needle to wrap, it knits the stitch as you would normally, but adds a stitch to the right needle. I have a neckwarmer pattern that uses this to create holes evenly spaced to thread a drawstring through.

yarn forward = yarn over (yo).

[I]aka[/I]: YO, yo, yarn forward, yf, yfwd, yfon (yarn forward over needle), yfrn (yarn forward 'round needle).

“Yarn forward” is the Canadian term for a simple yarnover. I first encountered it when I d/l a pattern from Patons Yarns (a Canadian company). You should have seen my frustrated contortions before a member of my knitting group wised me up. (She’s originally from Canada).

Thanks so much! I was so confused- because the pattern used yo and yon and yfwd!!! I thought they were the same thing - so thanks for reassurring me!