Just wondering

I am just wondering what the pros and cons of the two methods continetal and english. Which is the best to learn and which should I try to teach my kids?
Dana :thinking:

To Me:

Easier to learn but is harder on the wrists. There are lots of motions and therefor it tired my wrists out more plus is was slower. Purling is easier

so much faster and less movement of the wrists so faster as well. Knit stich is a breeze, but purl seems a little harder.

Of course I was also trying to learn from a book… so I think with the videos they might be equally easy to learn.

I started with english, but switched to continental b/c it is faster for me. English might be the best way to start out for kids though, since it seems a bit less awkward at first.

I started out with English, have switched to Continental and went back to English bc English is still faster for me…lol! I’m glad that I know both for fair isle patterns!
Having never ‘taught’ either, I don’t want to venture an opinion on what you should do; although, I have seen people on TV knitting shows that say they teach kids in their knitting classes the cont. method; I guess whatever YOU are most comfortable with teaching.
Remember…Amy has very, very good videos here!

i have heard that teaching kids english style is easier. i taught myself in continental because i’m not coordinated enough for english, even though i’m severely right handed. just remember either way is really akward at first.

If you’re comfortable with both, I say try teaching both :XX: a lot of it is just personal preference.