Just when you think the "knitting season" is over

Isn’t life funny, just when you think the “knitting season” is over and knitting could never apply?

Yet again on another quest, this time for my warmer weather hobby - airbrushing…I came across this page while looking into alternative air supply sources and systems. This particular one is actually for an aquarium setup.

Who’da thunk it?
Similar to some neoprene covers I saw on 20 oz. CO2 paintball canisters…Some crafty person has come up with a CO2 tank cozy for the larger sizes used in other applications like 5, 10 & 20 lb tanks for beverages, paint spraying, etc.

When volume is depleted quickly, a CO2 tank will freeze on the outside of the tank…it can lead to problems if it’s not kept in check…I dunno, perhaps this one is more for aesthetics than anything else, but it sure is a great idea. Might also be a good “warm up” (pardon the pun) project for someone trying out dpn’s or circulars for the first time.

An especially handy thing to see/do, if there’s a manly man (or woman?) in your clan that would otherwise not accept any knitted item for fear of appearing unman/woman-ly?, ALAS and BEHOLD!

Scroll about half way down the page to see them.


Imagine the cool designs you could do!