Just when I thought everything was moving along nicely

Is there someone who can help me understand what is probably right in front of me…
I’m making the free pattern from Filatura DiCrosa, a racerback tank called, “Largo”. I’m using the tempo yarn that I had trouble with until I switched to bamboo.
I’ve made it quite easily to this point but am at a loss as how to continue.

I am doing “Shape left Armhole & Neck”. All was going smoothly until it tells you to Rep Rows 2-6 for however many times…I’m doing it for 9 rows. Well, if Row 1 is a right sided row, now the game seems to change since Row 2 is usually a Wrong side row but now is a right sided row with the repeats stated. I don’t have a problem knitting the knit stitches and purling the purls as Row 2 states but when you get to Row 3 (ssk) or Row 5 where there’s a C4B, yikes! The way I’m looking at the pattern, it puts me on a WSR, every other row because I’m not suppose to be doing row 1 according to the pattern.:wall:

Any help you can offer is so greatly appreciated!
Thanks again in advance,

It looks like a mistake in the pattern. Don’t try to put the decreases or the cable on the WS rows.
Basically you want to alternate decreases at the armhole edge (row 3) with decreases at the armhole and neck edge (row 5). Also keep the cable pattern repeat.
You could repeat row 3-6 until you get close to the target number of sts (16sts for your size?) and then go on to the “Stop Neck shaping…”

I can’t tell you how happy I am at this moment! That’s just what I was beginning to do but wasn’t positive that it was the “right” thing to do. I wanted to believe it was a pattern error but with my limited experience, it’s usually the fact that I’m not reading it correctly!
I’m going to continue with your advice. That’s the only way I see it working out. I could do Row 2, twice but that makes NO sense.
On Ravelry, I found only one person who’s made this same tank. She did mention that the pattern was difficult to discern but after trials, she managed. I sent her a message about the issues I was having but never heard back. My project has been on the back burner since…
Guess what I’m doing today!!! Maybe I can finally finish the front!
Thanks again, Salmonmac! You are simply awesome…

just a thought…I’m wondering how company such as Filatura, has designers who make fairly big errors, not pick up on it? Don’t they make a “prototype” and take their design for a spin? Again, just curious.

I’m glad you’re pressing on with it. Writing to the person who has completed the project is a good idea.
I’m not sure how errors slip through but they certainly do. Whether it’s the original pattern or in testing or proof reading, who knows?

salmonmac, I am stuck again. I was hoping you could help me, yet again. You really should send me a bill…It would cost me $$$ if I took my questions to my LYS on Saturdays’!

I am confused about “Stop Neck Shaping”. Am I suppose to be doing the Cable Panel, which is a multiple of 10 stitches…I have 16 stitches on the needle. Or, am I suppose to continue with the directions for left armhole and neck? I’m so confused, I got myself in a tizzy…
The only thing I understand is dec 1 st at armhole edge every RS row!

Yes…I’m this dumb…:whoosh: lol!

It’s looking fabulous so far. When you find a mistake in a pattern, it makes you question everything that follows. That’s a smart thing to do.
At the directions to stop neck shaping, maintain the cable pattern and decrease one stitch at the armhole edge on the right side rows. Don’t do any more decreases at the neck edge. When you get to 13sts, place the sts on a holder.

So, I am to continue knitting row 2 through 6 with the exception of decreases at the neck?

OK, if it helps to think of it that way. Remember too that you want to dec at the armhole edge on every right side row, too.
You might also check the fit to be sure the front won’t be too long or too short.