Just wanted to tip you off

About some of that Llama fiber I received being for sale. I absolutely love it, and I am keeping quite a bit for myself. I’m selling it cuz it’s not carded and I don’t have a carder… :frowning: So profits on this will be set back to buy some carders. :smiley:


I posted this here, rather than the buy/sale/swap forum as I am not selling here, + this is more spin-centric. Hope that was okay…

I have a set of hand cards I got of Ravelry for $50 shipped but they’re the nice Ashfords and are the full sized ones instead of the student size.

How easy is llama to spin? I would like some of it but I need to figure out how much I want.

This is pending. Sorry Mitchie!

It’s fairly easy imo… But idk. I haven’t spun a huge variaty of fibers. LOL