Just wanted to share this with you!

I took a friend to hospital yesterday for an outpatient procedure, and as we were going to be a few hours I took my knitting along to pass the time away. I have never knitted in public before so was very self concious about it!!!
Anyway, there I was, knitting away, and an elderly Chinese lady came up and sat next to me. A fellow knitter!!! She apparently always took her knitting out with her, and got it out to show me what she was knitting. We had a lovely chat about patterns and yarns, where to buy them here in Singapore and it was great!
What made it especially special is that I have generally found whilse living here that elderly Chinese don’t really like sitting next to us foreigners, let alone have a chat. So I thought it was fantastic and it really made my afternoon :thumbsup:

That’s so special! I think it’s wonderful how a project like knitting can bring (seemingly very different) people together.

That’s very awesome. Always nice to find something in common with someone you wouldn’t normally chat up.

Sharing a common thread! Thanks for posting…Mary

That’s one of the greatest things about knitting in public. It’s a great conversation starter.

That’s really cool.

My favorite knitting in public story was the time I was casting on for a sock while waiting for a meal at a restaurant with dh. I was counting to make sure I had the right number of stitches, and dh was sitting across the table saying, “17, 32, 12, 23…” (He’s a sweet guy,like that! :roll:

The couple at the table next to us was just leaving, and the lady leaned over and said, “Hey! Don’t do that to her!! I’m a knitter and I know just how frustrating that is!”:teehee:

I take my knitting everywhere, including work. I knit on breaks and lunch. Due to that I have fellow knitters and those that crochet asking for help and we have now started a small craft group that meets on the weekend and at work when possible.

What a nice story! Knitters are such nice people. Once I took my knitting to a doctor’s office and no one said anything but I was definitely being watched. Later an elderly gentleman came and sat across from me. I happened to look up and he had a kind smile on his face and misty eyes and said ‘my mother used to do that and she was really good’. He then told me about things she used to knit. It was very touching and sweet.

Knitters are lovely! It has encouraged me to take my knitting out and about.
What a touching story McKnitty, that is so sweet but a bit sad…

Hi Nora! :waving:

Your post made my day! What a wonderful experience!!
Thanks for sharing!! Just wonderful!!!

Great story! Just made your day didn’t it? I always take my knitting wherever I go too. I just can’t stand to “waste time” ya know? Makes you wonder how many opportunities we all miss by not doing things like that. Congrats on stepping outside of your comfort zone!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our world could solve the problems with knitting? It can break so many barriers, crosses so many cultures, and can bring us all together.

I’ve had many wonderful experiences with knitting in public, lol some very humerous.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

Good afternoon!

My husband would like me to make me a sweater for him, but we have a problem. He has MS, and is always much warmer than anyone else around him. As a matter of fact, he sleeps with a fan blowing on him, reads with a fan on him, would eat with a fan blowing on him if it wouldn’t blow the food off the plate, I kid you not.

We found a pattern for a ‘Bomber Jacket’ that is open in the front, which would help, but I’d like a yarn that comes in a ‘manly’ color that is not too warm. We’re thinking that a merino is out, and need some suggestions. Somehow, something with corn or tofu would just not fill the bill. Anyone have any suggestions?


I frequently have parents come up to me when their kids want to know what I’m doing. It’s fun, and I KIP anytime I have to sit and wait.

What a lovely story. I usually just say hi in Mandarin. The story with the elderly man was very sweet too. Thanks for sharing.

Some friends of mine forced another friend to go to emergency once (we thought she might have had a stroke) and we all took our knitting. Five of us, including 1 man, sitting in a row knitting socks…

Bringing the world together, one WIP at a time… that’s so sweet! Reading this just made me smile. Good for you! :hug: