Just wanted to say hi!

I am in Holland on a very unreliable wireless access and thought I would say hi to all of you real quick! It is very cold over here right now, and the moisture combined with the wind is not helping out at all. Went to a yarn store in Aalkmaar (30 miles north of Amsterdam) and they really did not have much, especially needles. I need to buy me some size 2 (I think 2.25 mm) sock needles and they had one set of 3’s. The yarn was not that impressive either but I think we are going to go to Amsterdam for the day, just DH and I so I think I will find more there.

I will check back when I can but since my in-laws do not have wireless and I am on someone else’s internet that likes to drop me when it feels like, not sure when I can stop in again…:shrug:

:waving: Enjoy your trip!

hope you are having a great trip!!

Have fun!! Hope you get to a great yarn store soon :slight_smile:

Welcome! Enjoy when you can.

Have a great trip! It will be interesting to see what’s available in Amsterdam…

Hiya Fig! :waving:

Don’t forget to get Holland-goodies for your sweet friends in the U.S.


Have a good trip!

Hey all!:waving:

I finally made it back online on New Years eve, we spent the day at his sisters house as it was their middle child’s birthday today. Lots of friends, family, food and drink was to be had!

I am told that most of Holland will be closed tomorrow so I am wanting to Amsterdam on Friday to hit a yarn store or 2 and buy a few little presents maybe.

The kids are getting kinda bored here though, not much toys here and its just not home but they will be there soon enough!


Happy New Year, Debbie!

I’m told Amsterdam is a beautiful city. I’m sure you would be enjoying it more if it were warmer!

Hope you have good luck at the yarn store. Just remember how much the dollar is worth (or isn’t worth) in Euros. I was in France not too long ago and didn’t keep my exchange rate straight while I was buying stuff. The Euro price makes it seem reasonable. It was only when I had to fill out the paperwork on the plane back that I realized just how much I spent. Ouchies.

Have a safe trip home.


Hi, figaro!

Hi Figaro!! Have a fun trip. I hope you found great yarn stores in Amsterdam :happydance:

Well, we are home. The kids ended up staying up until about 7 which is impressive considering that they have essentially been awake since midnight with the time change. As of right now, everyone is in bed except for little old me. I have me a pot of coffee ready for the night and plan on staying up till my normal bedtime around 11.

It was a fun trip, got to see his 97 year old grandma, all of his brother’s and sister’s kids and of course his parents. We all, including my 2 older kids, stayed up until about 1:30 on New Years Eve watching all the fireworks go off. And there were a lot of them, no organized ones, just regular people lighting off tons and tons of fireworks.

But we are home now. I have laundry to do and all that fun stuff but it will wait until tomorrow.