Just want to say thank you for your help

Hi everyone,

I recently got a lot of support tackling my first ribbing and just wanted to say thank you. I would put a photo up but my camera is broken. I was knitting a hat for my DD and she loved it.

I was explaining to my friend about the help I had received here and as a ‘non-net’ person she was amazed that ‘strangers’ around the world would give so much help to a person they have never met.

We should be proud of our little knitting community and its spirit - it embodies everything that is great about the Internet.


You’re right–this is just the best site there is. I love being able to ‘talk’ to people around the world, and I also love that there is so little snarkiness.

Hugs to all!:hug:

The encouragement and support I have received from the members of this community have been amazing. I cherish all of you and the friends I’ve made here. Thanks for saying this and giving me the opportunity to express:notworthy: my thanks!

I’ve been on the internet since it was nothing more than text messages on electronic bulletin boards. It has never failed to amaze me how helpful people are all around the world. I think KnittingHelp.com is one of the few places I’ve been to where everyone is helpful without being snarky or condescending. The people here are fantastic.