Just want to boast

I just wanted to boast that my 7 year old son asked me to teach him to knit. He’s doing great, and he says its AWESOME (word of the moment) :yay: yay for boy knitters and not letting your sisters get the better of you

Cool! Tell him he’s continuing history since it was always the men who knit back in the old days. Something about they didn’t trust the women to make their socks right.

There are lots of male knitters today! Besides, his sisters are going to be [U]SO[/U] jealous when they discover what he can make.

Bravo to you and to him both!

Your son’s right, it’s AWESOME! Have fun knitting with him.

Here’s to another male knitter.

Be proud, granny! That is really wonderful!

Some boys still knit when they’re ancient!! (ha ha)