Just wanna say: I love KH~!


I just wanted to say that i really enjoy “hanging out” with you guys and gals here on KH. I know we are an “online” community but I must say I come and visit everyday (most days 2-3/d) and I always see something funny, inspiring, touching or just plain fun…
I konw I have never met any of you face to face~

But I :heart: :heart: :heart: hangin’ out with you guys~!


[color=blue]Me too! Me too! :heart: I log on for the “company” (working in an office alone most of the day) and right now for some yarn porn to warm me up! It is freezing here today! Thanks everyone…for all of the help you have given and the shared laughter. You’re the best! :hug:

anne [/color]

Every once in a while I get all sappy and gooey and have to make a post like this one. This is the first online place I have ever visited where I stayed around, got to know people and genuinely feel sad when I can’t log on. I feel like we’re a big loving knit family.

:grphug: :grphug: :grphug: :grphug:

[size=6]TO US ALL!!![/size]


it was worth buying the computer just to be able to use this site.

I only wish there was a book, too.


I :heart: KH, there are soooo many wonderful people on this forum! Everyone is so helpful and I love being able to see all the wonderful and creative projects that everyone has knitted. You are all so creative!!!

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I :heart: KH too! I have to admit that I went a little over a month without knitting because I was spending more time on here. I just love all the great people!!!

I also :heart: this site, so many warm friendlty and helpful people, I thought yarn was an addiction and now this community too, there are worse things I could be into lol, nice finding out where people are from and the FO make me drool, you are all so talented.
the only downside…I look forward so much to hearing what you are all up to that I hardley get any knitting done, going to have to learn to read , write and knit all at the same time …thanks for making me feel so welcome, btw…who pays for this site and is there any way we can make a donation to help keep it running?

See the ads scattered about? They pay the ‘rent,’ I believe. I know that if you use the Knitpicks ad, Amy gets something extra, I’m not sure about the others, though.

:muah: :heart: ditto :heart: :muah:
i got no knitting friends here(IRL)… but i am trying to talk my mom into learning :psst: