Just to save some money

And because i can’t get to the place where i could buy a needle sizer (long story - things that only a 3rd world country could have), i made my own :).

Here we use the needle numbers according to its diameter in mm, so a needle size 2 is a needle of 2mm (an US size 0). I made it on Word - made the circles with the according diameters - printed in thick paper (light watercolor paper - i used to study architecture, so i have a block of this), and cut with a small scissors! I tested and it’s great :woohoo: - it’s accurate :slight_smile:

Now i just gotta make dad buy the wood so i can make my own circulars (plastic needles aren’t my thing, and here i’m not able to find the metal ones) and DPNs .

I’m a hands-on-it kind of girl :wink:

I guess you are a hands-on kind of girl! Go for it!!!

Wow, that’s what I call commitment to a craft! You sound like a very resourceful person!:yay:

WOW, you go girl!!!

Add that with a lot of rain (here it’s like it’s monsoon time) , a lot of boredom (because i can’t leave the house because of the rain) and the mess that is the shop area (where i buy the yarn, and etc).

Basically what happened is that some people decided to make a protest - because they were removed from the area they have tents - they work in tents at the sidewalks , making the sidewalks difficult to walk - and close one of the main streets of the city, so the whole transit is a mess, the area where the yarn shops are located are nearby, so it’s unaccesible by car and insecure to walk alone and the Mothafocas won’t leave the damn area :stuck_out_tongue:

3rd world country is a mess. And i live in the boonies of a 3rd world country - so shipping is expensive!

[I]Jeez Louise[/I]… but you sound like you have a good attitude!!

I wish you drier days, and easier yarn access! Be safe!

There are alot of things you can make needles out of. Chopsticks from chinese restaurants can be used. Go to your hardware or home repair store, wooden dowels come in many different lengths and widths, they can be sharpened.

wow! thats really cool!! i wish i could do that…

I was planning on doing that today, but i had to go to the University to a test we had today (i wasn’t doing it, i was the one who made the test), so i spent the entire morning there.

I’m currently obsessed with new needles, i’ve been bugging dad to come with me (because i understand of wood as much as of rocket science).