Just thought I'd say hi

Hello friends.
Most of you probably don’t know me but I haven’t been on here in a while. I was living in Washington happily and some not very happy things happened. I was staying with family and it eventually became unbearable. Don’t really want to go into details but for my and my boyfriends sake, we had to leave to keep ourselves [U]safe[/U]. I’m been kinda sad these days so I haven’t been very social. I’ve been browsing the forums and I’m ready to get back and have some fun!
I was in the Winter Wonderland Swap. I still feel really bad for flaking out but all this stuff was going on and I was not doing too well. I hope I didn’t mess anything up. I’m so, so sorry. :sad:
Anyways, I am now in California and trying to get my life back in order. I really want to make some new friends on here! I’m purplegreens on ravelry if any of you want to be friends on there. Hope to meet ya soon!

Hi ,

Sorry to hear that you have has such a crappy time. I hope things improve greatly for you . There is always a kind ear to listen to hear on the forum ,so do not think that you have to be alone.
I am ritaw on ravelry. I will add you :slight_smile:
Welcome back!!

Thanks for coming back home! :hug:


:hug:Happy to see you back. :hug:

Thank you everyone! It’s good to be back!:grphug:

Hiya and welcome back!