Just testing an image


Let’s see how this works! It does!


Oooo… that is spiffy!


I love the new image software, it’s great!


Just wanted to try the image software, since you mentioned you liked it Contiknitter…I think there will be much playing on the forum for the next week or so.:think:


We’ll all be playing with the boards until we get it all figured out! :roflhard:


[B][I][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“5”][COLOR=“Indigo”]Are you all finding it easier to post pics? I could use a few lessons!



The new and improved KH makes me almost bummed that I am going on vacation next week. I said [I]almost bummed. [/I]

Hey, here’s another nice feature! When you want to [I]italicize[/I], [B]bold,[/B] [U]underline [/U]or [COLOR=blue]color[/COLOR] your text…you don’t have those awful brackets in your typing pane! Way to go Sheldon! :inlove:

On the old KH…I had to PREVIEW my posts numerous times to get the text graphics right! This is soooo much easier, and less time consuming!

COOL! :thumbsup:


That’s another thing I like, you can actually [B]see[/B] what you’re typing!